Welcome to my blog, fair readers! I am excited to join the blogging world, and hope that my writing will offer you something unique.

As for an introduction, here are the basics: I am a twenty-something Vermonter and Smith College student (yeah, Northampton!) with a passion for nutrition, delicious food, and living the best and most healthy life I can.

I have not always had the best relationship with food nor with my body. I have eaten too much and too little, starved my way to amenorrhea and anorexia, and consequently eaten myself into a body that I have yet to make peace with.

These days, however, I find that it is, for whatever reason, quite easy for me to view food for what it truly is– nourishment for the body and soul, rather than as a tool to manipulate my weight.

I see this blog as a way to chronicle my efforts to achieve once and for all a lasting peace with food and body, as well as a way to chart my journey from college senior to nutrition professional, with more than a few letters to follow my name 🙂

I will also share on this blog any interesting eats I come across, whether in restaurants or, more likely on this student’s budget, as created by yours truly. So please do “indulge” in my self-indulgence, and read along.

Bon appetit! Guten Appetit! Eet smakkelijk!