Pa B. and I have a lot in common– a last name, blue eyes, a penchant for salt-studded pretzels and premium vanilla ice cream… We also enjoy the occasional thriller, whether it is Hitchcock’s “North by Northwest” or “The Shining.” Ma Brin doesn’t much care for thrillers, so that leaves such cinematic adventures for the occasional father-daughter evening.

The criteria for said events is simple– a good movie, and a good steak.

That’s right– steak. Steak is an “on occasion” food, and one can only handle so many psychological thrillers, so the pairing seems apt. Served with homemade steak fries, the steak and movie combo is wonderful.

Peppery steak, courtesy of Pa B.

Add a pinch of salt…

… and enjoy!

We paired tonight’s steak with roasted sweet potatoes and a simple salad, as well as 2008’s “In Bruges,” with Colin Farrell and Ralph Fiennes. Pa and I weren’t too impressed with the movie, but the steak and sweet potatoes were delicious!

As for some movie recommendations, Pa and I would suggest the following:

-“Walk on Water,” 2004 (Israel)

-“Memento,” 2000 (U.S.A.)

-“The Machinist,” 2004 (U.S.A.)

In more father-daughter happenings, Pa B. is helping me move down to Northampton tomorrow for my Holyoke Community College class, and we plan to watch the final world cup game (!!!) on the big screen at Paradise City Tavern. Hup Holland hup! Maybe Dad will wear the scarf we bought in Switzerland two years ago for the EuroCup…

Reppin’ Oranje in Gimmelwald, CH.