Hey y’all. Had my first summer school class today. The course is Abnormal Psych., something I’ve always wanted to take but haven’t yet had a chance to because of scheduling conflicts. The instructor was very enthusiastic and requests lots of audience participation, which is great. The workload seems pretty manageable, but a heads up that posts may become more infrequent as the weeks go on. In any case, it is so wonderful to be in Northampton again. I really do love this town!

And now, on the blogging front, a review:

Dreuxmanna Maple Multi-grain Crackers

“Dreuxmanna is a love story,” the product insert begins. The Vermont-based brand proudly makes spelt crackers, cookies and other goodies that are free of wheat, dairy, soy and other common allergens. The wholesome treats were born as a labor of love for the longtime chef and brand creator, whose wife had been diagnosed with a wide swathe of allergies. And that love and dedication is reflected in the company’s products.

No wheat, dairy or soy? What does that leave, you might ask? Plenty of flavor, that’s for sure. The company’s crackers are the best I’ve ever tasted, and make me wonder why I ever bothered with Wheat Thins or Triscuits. With just a touch of sweetness from Vermont Maple Syrup, the crackers would make a fine accompaniment to Vermont cheddar cheese (Grafton is a personal favorite), a fresh spread like guacamole, or even some homemade raspberry jam. The possibilities are endless with Dreuxmanna.

Being the committed localvore that I am (okay, minus the chocolate, coffee and bananas), I would urge non-Vermonters to find similar products within their own states. If you can’t find something comparable, however, drop me a line and we’ll work something out. These babies are worth the price of shipping 🙂