I’m putting off some homework I have for Abnormal Psych. and blogging instead. Oy, this thing is addictive!

I wanted to share that my first Examiner article is up, and I’m proud to say that the site’s editors didn’t change a word of it! A shout-out to Papa B. for reading it over and giving helpful feedback.

As for future Examiner pieces, I’ve decided that I will write no more than two a week. Although writing more frequently would increase my pay, I just don’t have the time to write more than that, especially with what promises to be my busiest (but most exciting!) semester approaching. After all, it wasn’t the (tiny) paycheck that made me decide to be an Examiner, but rather the opportunity to write short pieces addressing health and nutrition on a regular basis. In whatever regard I end up practicing nutrition, I plan to do lots of freelance writing, and this Examiner gig offers me a chance to both “try out” science writing and to get the kind of experience that will be invaluable when I apply for my first job in the field.

That said, you can help increase my site traffic and thereby my pay (!) by visiting my page and reading my articles, so please do read ’em when you get a chance, and tell your friends! I would also love suggestions as to interesting article topics, so email me at sbillian24@gmail.com or comment here if you can think of an interesting topic that is related to obesity, nutrition, etc. Note that I will always post here the links to my pieces as they go live.

Next on deck: I discover some delicious dairy- and lactose-free alternatives to my beloved Greek yogurt. Start looking forward to it, all ye lactose- and soy-challenged folks!