Imma be pretty tired right now (biking 22+ miles roundtrip will do that to you), but I’d like to address a question that my friend Susan had regarding my cherry cinnamon yoghurt parfait.

Susan is looking for a dairy- and lactose-free alternative to the Greek yoghurt I used in the recipe, but finds the taste of soy yoghurt too chalky. I couldn’t think of anything offhand, but I did a little research online and came across a nutrition blog titled “What I’m Eating Now.” In one post, author Tamara discussed two of her favorite yoghurts for the “lactose- and soy-challenged.”

I would encourage you to read the post in full, but as far as quick summaries go, one of the yoghurts she recommends is coincidentally a Vermont product called “True Yogurt.” True is an organic cow’s milk yogurt made with low-fat lactose-free milk (how’s that for a mouthful!) which Tamara describes as tasting “way better than any conventional yoghurt I remember having.”

Before I get you too excited, however, I must tell you that the company folded in early 2010. Despite this disappointing news, it is heartening to know that such a product can theoretically be made, and to taste good at that! While True didn’t make it through the hard times, I imagine that similar products are being made elsewhere, and that it is only a matter of time before such deliciousness finds its way back to Vermont again.

As for Tamara’s other pick, she recommends So Delicious yoghurt, a product made from coconut milk. Lactose- and casein- (milk protein) free, the yoghurt would be suitable for vegans and the dairy-challenged. Tamara notes that the yoghurt is fortified with calcium (25% of your daily value in one serving!) and vitamin B12, a vitamin that is notoriously difficult for non-meat eaters to get adequate amounts of. Tamara gave the dairy-free delights with their “subtle coconut flavor in the background” a thumbs up.

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On another note, my second Examiner article is up. I made a couple of spacing and other errors, and am gnashing my teeth as a result. Please forgive me, Saint Perfection, for I have sinned. Lamentations aside, I hope you enjoy the article.