I know it’s Grubfirst time, but I just don’t have it in me tonight, so I’m hoping you’ll be sufficiently placated with another Examiner article. This latest piece discusses macrobiotics, a nutritional philosophy that, contrary to what “Us Weekly” and “People” magazine would have you think, originated not with Gwyneth Paltrow but with Hippocrates. The goods here.

In other news, I banged out a kick-ass draft of my personal statement for grad. school yesterday (boo yah!) and made some progress on some fellowship applications, hence my fatigue. I also made an appointment to meet with my nutrition professor from my first year to discuss grad. school admissions. I’m really in love with this one program, but maybe she’ll convince me to loosen up and look elsewhere. UVM’s got a good nutrition program, as does Cornell, but I just think Tufts would be the best fit.

Hope the weather is bearable in your respective cities!