I head back to school Monday. Classes begin Tuesday. Cue excitement and (equal parts) reluctance.

I’m excited to see friends I haven’t seen in months, decorate my new room (inherited from dear friend Janan) and be in beautiful Western Massachusetts again.

I’m reluctant to miss out on fall foliage in Vermont, as I have for the past three years, and to miss the annual Brin-B. Rosh Hashanah gathering.

Mostly, though, I’m not quite ready to leap back into the chaos and stress of the school year. This semester, I’ll be taking organic chemistry, a psychology course and biochemistry at nearby UMass. I’ll be taking the GRE’s in October and applying to graduate school. In addition, I’ll be working approximately eight hours a week for a nutrition professor, helping her do research and write a textbook on health and fitness psychology. I’m excited for all of the above, but know that I will be quite nostalgic for the relative ease of summer come a week from now.

The point of this post, however, is not to bemoan the hard work that is to come, but to warn y’all that I won’t be Grubbin’ it up nearly as often as I have been. I’ve decided to set my sights low and pledge to post once a week on here, and once on the Examiner. I’m not sure at this point if I’ll post on a designated day of the week, or if I’ll wait until the spirit moves me each week.

In any case, I hope that the transition into fall is going well for you all. I know they say spring is the season of rebirth, but I’ve always felt there’s something special about fall.

On the road again…