Just kidding just kidding.

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Grub is actually on hiatus. I’ll be back when things calm down.


Actually, just kidding.

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I have something that would make for some proper Grub, but I’m not quite ready to share it. So I’ve got a big fat nothing for now, sorry. I refuse to call this a break, though, so I’ll keep directing you to Grub Media (where I post links of other work I’ve written).

It’s not writer’s block… it’s I-don’t-want-to-share-block. Hopefully it’ll be over soon.



That oy! was for my sparser-than-sparse posting in recent weeks. I’m sorry to have neglected this here Grub. I’ve been focusing instead on posting on Grub Media (see link on the right), trying to get some of my favorite work up on the site. I’ve also been writing lots for Livestrong, trying to bank some cash and start paying off my student loans. Eek!

I hope to check in and get something up here in the coming days. Thanks for your patience!

An alternate “Grubuniverse”

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At the behest of my dear old dad, I’ve created another site (“Grub Media,” a brilliant name if there ever was one) to post articles I’ve written for the Examiner, Livestrong, the Sophian, etc. In other words, nothing personal. This new site is more of a professional site, if you will, with the hope that some internet-browsing graduate school admissions officer might stumble upon it and decide that Sarah B., the prolific writer, deserves a place in their Nutrition Science Masters program. Here is the link.

In that vein, I have heard back from two schools and got into both! U. of Delaware and Rhode Island. Still waiting on the rest…