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Examiner piece on Vermont’s physical education standards available here.

Also, an interested article in U.S. Today here about American public schools and recess in the winter months. In other words, at what frigid temperature do schools pull kids indoors? I’m personally grateful I didn’t grow up in International Falls, Minnesota, where recess would have continued as per usual as long as temperatures didn’t dip below -20. Schools in Fairbanks, Alaska seem to have found a compromise, pushing kids inside in cold weather to walk laps in the halls. A nightmare for hallway aides, I’m sure, but at least the kids are moving.


New articles…

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… available on the Examiner. All are Vermont-centric, this time.

Weight-loss surgery to become more commonplace

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Read the Examiner article here.

Merry Christmas, y’all!

Vermont ranked “healthiest state” for fourth consecutive year

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Read all about it on the Examiner.

Happy winter!

Examine this!

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Diet pill rejected by the FDA this past Thursday showed some promise in clinical trials: read the article here.

A Surgeon General “of size”: Liability or asset?


Read all about it on the Examiner!

And to Smithies and co., happy Mountain Day! For those of you not familiar with the Smith holiday, here’s what the college website has to say:

Mountain Day is a surprise break from classes. The president chooses a beautiful fall day and announces the holiday by ringing the college bells. A picnic lunch can be provided by the college to be carried to the students’ various outdoor activities on campus or to nearby parks.

Classes and academic appointments scheduled before 7 p.m. are canceled. Evening classes, films, lectures and other events will be held as planned.

The first Mountain Day was held in 1877.

Obesity begins in the womb?

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Examiner article here.

Oh, and dear readers? I may in fact end up alternating Examiner and Grub posts every other week. That is, I may end up posting only once every other week instead of every week. Got to preserve the sanity (and some variation on good grades), you know.

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